October 27-29, 2015

Tab 1. Review and acceptance of agenda

Tab 2. Review and acceptance of minutes from:

Tab 3. Action Items Review

Tab 4.  Information/Presentations/Standing Items

  • Yukon Literacy Coalition (Beth Mulloy)
  • Training Policy Committee (Shannon Audette)
  • First Nations Regional Education and Employment Survey (REES) (Helen Stappers)
  • Language Update: CYFN SGS (Emmie Fairclough) and YNLC Andre Boucier)  

Tab 5.  FNEC/CYFN Roles and Responsibilities Review

Tab 6.  Yukon Education

6.a  The New Vision

6.b  Boards and Committees

6.c  Student Financial Assistance Act Review

6.d  Update: Literacy Strategy

Tab 7.  Update From Members – YFN Leadership Direction and Going Forward (action items from former meetings)

Tab 8.  CYFN/FNEC Financial and Business Update

Tab 9.  CYFN Projects Update – EPP

Tab 10.  Housekeeping

September 16-17, 2015

Tab 1. Review and acceptance of agenda 

Tab 2.  Round table discussion

Tab 3.  Roles and responsibilities

Tab 4.  Review and acceptance of minutes

Tab 5.  Joint Education Action Plan Implementation Strategy

5.a  Moving Forward with Yukon Government

5.c  CYFN/FNEC Projects

Tab 6.  Update from members

6.a  YFN Policy and Protocol Framework

6.b  Student Achievement/Data Strategy

6.d  Response to the Health Behaviours Report

6.g  Summer Academy

6.i  Employment and Social Development Project

6.j  FNEC Contracts

6.k  Yukon Literacy Strategy

Tab 7.  Student Financial Assistance Act

Tab 8.  Information

8.a  Training Policy Committee

8.d  FNEC Research position

Tab 9.  Housekeeping

9.a  Location and Organization of FNEC Meetings

9.b  Travel

9.d  FNEC Motions and Actions

May 5-6, 2015

Tab 2. CYFN Education – FNEC Subcommittees (JEAP) Projects Update

2.a  YFN Policy and Protocol Framework

2.b  Student Achievement  (Data Strategy)

2.c  Parent/Community Engagement


3.a  CYFN Education / FNEC

3.b  Funding Proposal and Budget

Tab 4. Yukon Education

4.b Literacy Strategy Update

Tab 5. Yukon Education – Curriculum Redesign

Tab 6. Student Financial Assistance Act Review

6.a Questionnaire

6.b BN Leadership

Tab 7. Health Behaviours of School Age Children Yukon Report

Tab 8. Rural Strategy

Tab 9. Gadzoosdaa Update

Tab 10. Yukon Education Departmental Update

Tab 11. Joint Education Action Plan Implementation Strategy

Draft JEAP Implementation Strategy v.5

Tab 12. Cape Breton and Yukon College Youth Mentorship

March 3, 2015


Tab 1. Approved Minutes-January 12-13, 2015

Tab 2. FNEC Terms of Reference January 22, 2015

Tab 3. The Yukon First Nation Education Summit Agenda (March 9-10, 2015)

Tab 4. Literacy Strategy

Tab 5. Student Financial Assistance-Public Consultations on Student Financial Assistance Act (February 16, 2015)

Tab 6. Public Schools Update

Tab 7. Advanced Education Labour Market Strategy

Tab 8. CYFN Education Projects


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Document Identifier

CYFN Education Department Data Strategy (Jan-Feb, 2015)

This is how we work: Yukon First Nations Education Policy Framework (2015) Draft PowerPoint

Carcross/Tagish Parent Satisfaction Survey Primary school (Grades 1-7) (February, 2015)

January 12-13, 2015

Agenda-Tab 1. Agenda and Minutes

Tab. 2 Leadership Meetings November 2014 and January 2015

Tab 3. Funding Options

Tab 4. JEAP Update

Tab 5. YFN Language FNEC TOR

Tab 6. Committees, Boards and Councils

Tab.7 Consultations, Involvement and Engagement

  • Gadzoosdaa Review message
  • Follow-up Gadzoosdaa review message

Tab. 8 Advanced Education

Tab.9 Data Strategy, Framework and Reports

Tab. 10 YFN Parent Empowerment Project

Tab. 11 Information and Updates

Carcross/Tagish First Nation Capacity Development Project

YFN Education Contacts 2014

Strengthening Our Roots and Closing the Education Gap (December 5, 2014)

ImagineNATIVE workshop

CYFN First Nation Education Newsletter (November, 2014)

Project Charter-YFN Literacy (May 16, 2014)

Yukon Literacy Strategy (2014-2024)

Tab 12-YFN Policy and Protocol

Tab 13. Yukon First Nation Education Summit & Other Dates

FNEC Terms of Reference (January 22, 2015)

FNEC-Terms of Reference-Amended (January 22, 2015)

October 21-23, 2014


Tab 1. Agenda and Minutes

FNEC Meeting-Draft Agenda (October 21-23, 2014)

FNEC Draft Meeting Minutes (October 21-23, 2014)

FNEC Draft Meeting Minutes (June 17-19, 2014)

Tab 2. JEAP Updated and Multi-Year Funding

Tab. 3 Consultations, Involvement and Engagement

FN Curriculum and Courses 8-12

Gadzoosda Student Residence Review

School Councils

Staffing and Evaluation

Student Services

YFN Perspectives

PSB-New Developments(May, 2014)

Tab. 4-Committees, Boards and Councils

Bullying Steering Committee

Yukon College President’s Advisory Committee on First Nation Initiatives-PACFNI-Terms of Reference

Rural Advisory Committee

Transition to Adulthood for Students with Disabilities Committee


Association of Yukon School Councils, Boards and Committees Newsletter (December, 2013)

FNEC Terms of Reference(April 23, 2013)

YFN Education Organization ChartDraft one

Yukon Education Public Schools Branch Advisory Committee Structure (August 28, 2014)

Yukon Education Proposed Advisory Committee Structure (October 17, 2014)

Tab 5. Curriculum Redesign, SIS, Res. Schools Unit.

Thank you to participants to the residential school in-service (September 30 to October 1, 2014)

Tab 6. Policy & Protocol

Tab.7 Labour Markey and Student Finance Assistant Act

Tab 8. TPC-AE Proposal-FN Educator Training

Tab 9. Updates

FNESC Presentations 2014

CYFN Education Department (October, 2014)

YFN Parent Empowerment Strategy (PES) Project Charter(October 17, 2014)

TKC Appointment Letter-FNEC (August 19, 2014)

YFN SS Video-Will be loaded shortly

The Yukon Council on disABILITY (October 8, 2014)

June 17-19, 2014


Tab 1: Review and Acceptance of Agenda


  • Photos- Six images will be loaded shortly.

Tab 2. Review & Acceptance of Minutes

Tab 3-FNEC Annual Report and CYFN representation

Tab 4. YFN Literacy Framework & Yukon Strategy

Tab 5. Consultations, Involvement and Engagement

Tab 6-Committees, Boards & Councils


  • TBD

May 21-22, 2014


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD

October 1-2, 2013


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD

August 8, 2013


  • Agenda


  • TBD


Documents for Review

FNEC Contract Ads:  YFN Cultural Inclusion   YFN Engagement Protocol

Student Financial Assistance Act Review: FNEC Draft Response SFAA

Yukon Literacy Strategy:  2016-2026 Yukon Literacy Strategy   Briefing Note

Key Messages  Literacy Accord

Student Financial Assistance Act Review: SFAA Questions FINAL

JEAP Implementation Strategy (draft): Draft JEAP Implementation Strategy for Final Review

JEAP Implementation Strategy Year 1: JEAP Status Update – Year One

REEES: REEES EDC Pamphlet 2015 * REEES Analysis Dissemination Committee nomination request January 2015 * ADC Committee info * RFP Writer Researcher on CYFN letterhead

Yukon Labour Market Framework:  http://www.labourmarketframeworkyukon.com/the-labour-market-framework.html


Committees and Subcommittees

New Vision Steering Committee – Tosh Southwick, Jenn Wykes

Diversity Committee – Jenn Wykes

Staffing Allocation Advisory Committee – Ashley Doiron

Education Assistant Allocation Committee – Ashley Doiron

Leadership Briefing Notes

FNEC- Update Leadership Nov 2015 – Student Financial Assistance Act

FNEC- Update Leadership Nov 2015 – Yukon Literacy Strategy

FNEC- Update Leadership Nov 2015 – Strat Plan

FNEC- Update Leadership Nov 2015 – YNLC

CYFN Education – Update Leadership Nov 2015 – JEAP

CYFN Education – Update Leasership Nov 2015 – Parent/Community Engagement

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