As each First Nation reaches their Final Agreement, they also reach a Self-Government Agreement (SGA). This agreement emerges from Chapter 24 of the Umbrella Final Agreement and lays out the powers, authorities, and responsibilities of the individual First Nation government. The agreements provide for funding which support the delivery of programs and services at the First Nation level. Under the SGA the First Nation now has the power to make and enact laws in respect of their lands and citizens, to tax, to provide for municipal planning, and to manage or co-manage lands and resources. Each First Nation will have a constitution in place which contains the membership code, establishes governing bodies and provides for their powers, and protects the rights and freedoms of the citizens. As self-governing bodies, First Nations are not precluded from asserting any of the rights of any Canadian citizen or corporation.

To date 11 First Nations have attained self-government agreements.

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