The Executive office consists of the political branch of CYFN, represented by the Grand Chief, and the administration, represented by the Executive Director.

The Grand Chief is the political spokesperson of the CYFN at the territorial, national and international levels. The Executive office plays an important role in intergovernmental relations between First Nations, Yukon Government and the Government of Canada. The office facilitates discussions on joint priorities during Yukon Forums, Intergovernmental Forums and Leadership meetings.

Leadership consists of First Nation Chiefs with traditional territories in the Yukon, an Executive Elder selected by the Elder’s Council and an Executive Youth selected by the Youth’s Council. Leadership meets every two months to discuss areas of mutual interest and political importance for First Nations, and directs CYFN through the implementation of policies, motions and resolutions.

Administratively, the Executive office is tasked with the overall management and operations of CYFN and consists of the Executive Director, Executive Assistant and Communications Officer.