(867) 393-9200

(867) 668-6577

2166 – 2nd Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 4P1

Staff List

Note: CYFN staff email addresses use the following format:
first name.last name [at] cyfn.net

Executive Office

Peter Johnston
Grand Chief
ext. 9224
Shadelle Chambers
Executive Director
ext. 9234
Devlin Bradford
Executive Assistant
ext. 9224
Abbie Rotondi
Human Resources Manager
ext. 9237
Lael Lund
Communications Manager
ext. 9223

Finance & Administration

Tina Grant
Director of Finance & Administration
ext. 9209
Anna Fraser
Marsha Flood
Accounts Payable Officer
ext. 9212
Janice Lafferty
Finance Officer
ext. 9211
Edythe Maloney
Funding Control & Budget Officer
ext. 9210
Cindy Hannah
AHRDA Consultant
ext. 9203
Carey Isaak
Kelsey Jim
Accounts Payable Clerk
ext. 9276

Natural Resources & Implementation

Jesse Hudson
Senior Analyst - Natural Resources & Implementation
ext. 9235
Allison Belshaw
Heritage Policy Analyst
ext. 9282
Fisheries Liaison
ext. 9275
Implementation Analyst
Elizabeth MacDonald
Manager of Fisheries
ext. 9269
Marina Milligan
Fisheries Biologist
ext. 9272
Felicia Wagner
Natural Resources & Implementation Administrator
ext. 9261
Nelly Bouevitch
Climate Change Analyst
ext. 9244
Grant Lowey
Mineral Development Analyst
ext. 9252
Peter Turner
Economic Development Analyst
ext. 9222
Katelyn Wolftail-Magun
Environmental Stewardship Youth Intern
ext. 9277


Donna Smith
Justice Coordinator
ext. 9252
Iris Binger
Violence Prevention Program Officer
ext. 9257
Chantal Genier
Senior Analyst - Justice
ext. 9236
Marina Bailey
FASD Action Plan Coordinator
ext. 9270
Krista Mooney
Justice Coordinator
ext. 9238


Lee Rannells
Data & Research Analyst
ext. 9202
Alexis Anderson
Senior Analyst - Health
ext. 9253
Marilyn Skookum
Health Administrator
ext. 9251
Kristeen McTavish
Manager of Data Initiatives
ext. 9229
Tamara Jim
Survey Coordinator
ext. 9274
Kareena Joshi
Health Analyst
ext. 9217

Family Preservation Services

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-833-364-0509
Jordan’s Principle Toll Free Phone Number: 1-833-393-9200

Josie O’Brien
Family Preservation Birth Worker
Roxanne Coles
Family Preservation Birth Worker
Kim Roberts
Family Preservation Support Worker
ext. 9239
Tessa Bailey
Family Preservation Special Projects Analyst
ext. 9233
Chelsea Jarvis
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9243
Deanna Maloney
Manager of Jordan's Principle Services
ext. 9281
Leanne Ellis
Cultural Connections Coordinator
ext. 9228
Winston Smarch
Cultural Connections Support Worker
ext. 9255
Temira Vance
Jordan's Principle Service Coordinator
ext. 9241
Deanna Stewart
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9273
Debra Bear
Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator
ext. 9231
Chantal O’Brien
Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator
ext. 9216
Danielle Sawyer
Manager of Family Preservation Client Services
ext. 9260
Alanah McLaren
Family Preservation Administrator
ext. 9254
Shauna Strand
Manager of Family Preservation Programming & Policy
ext. 9268
Kayla Brinda
Child Welfare Analyst
ext. 9264
Cherish Mason
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9250
Candice Silas
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9267
Edie Berard
Family Preservation Support Worker
ext. 9266
Whitney Boss
Family Preservation Case Worker
Kathleen Dawson
Family Preservation Support Worker
ext. 9227
Brittney Brown
Cultural Connections Support Worker
ext. 9270