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(867) 668-6577

2166 – 2nd Avenue
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 4P1

Staff List

Executive Office

Jewel Davies
Communications Intern
ext. 9268
Peter Johnston
Grand Chief
ext. 9224
Lorraine Wolfe
Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief
ext. 9224
Shadelle Chambers
Executive Director
ext. 9234
Juliann Fraser
Communications Advisor
ext. 9223


Rebecca Bradford-Andrew
Education Analyst
ext. 9252
Melanie Bennett
Executive Director - Yukon First Nations Education Directorate
ext. 9205
Bill Bennett
Jordan’s Principle Education Liaison
ext. 9265
Darby Newnham
Education Analyst
ext. 9266
Tracy Bruce
Education Administrator
ext# 9231

Finance & Administration

Abbie Rotondi
Human Resources Manager
ext. 9237
Karen Lepine
Director of Finance
ext. 9209
Edythe Maloney
Funding Control & Budget Officer
ext. 9210
Renie Bruton
Pay & Benefits Officer
ext. 9206
Marsha Flood
Accounts Payable Officer
ext. 9212
Janice Lafferty
Accounts Receivable/Finance Assist.
ext. 9211
Anna Fraser
Donovan Cote
Homelessness Partnering Strategy Coordinator
ext. 9222
Cindy Hannah
AHRDA Consultant
ext. 9203

Natural Resources & Environment

Merran Smith
Climate Change Community Liaison
ext. 9244
Felicia Gordon
Natural Resources & Environment Administrator
ext. 9261
Grant Lowey
Mineral Development Strategy Liaison
ext. 9252
Ed Schultz
Natural Resources & Environment Senior Analyst
ext. 9235


Chantal Genier
Justice Senior Analyst
ext. 9236
Reg McGinty
Gladue Pilot Project Coordinator
Alison Harpe
Justice Analyst Trainee
ext. 9228

Health & Social

Kayla Brinda
Child Welfare Analyst
ext. 9264
Maureen Charlie
Health Administrator
ext. 9251
Danielle Sawyer
Manager of Family Preservation Services
ext. 9260
Alexis Hougen
Jordan’s Principle Service Coordinator
ext. 9253
Megan McKenna
Health Analyst
ext. 9229
Candice Silas
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9267
Cherish Mason
Family Preservation Case Worker
ext. 9250
Roberta Nakoochee
Health Analyst
ext. 9217
Rae Mombourquette
Training Program Coordinator
ext. 9240
Chantal O’Brien
Jordan’s Principle Community Liaison
ext. 9216
Katherine Alexander
Health Senior Analyst
ext. 9241

Self-Government Secretariat

Donalda Easterson
SGS Senior Analyst
ext. 9257