Premier invites Grand Chief to join Yukon delegation at COP21

By November 6, 2015News Release

WHITEHORSE—Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Ruth Massie will join the Yukon delegation at the United Nations climate change meeting in Paris at the invitation of Premier Darrell Pasloski. The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) will be held in Paris from November 30 through December 11.

“I am very pleased that the Grand Chief will support our efforts to bring a broader northern perspective to COP21,” Pasloski said. “We will have the opportunity to tell Yukon’s story across a range of different events and activities being organized during the conference, while participating in the global efforts to take effective mitigation and adaptation actions.”

The Yukon delegation also includes the leaders of Yukon’s opposition parties, Climate Change Youth Ambassador Sabrina Clark and officials from the Yukon government’s Department of Environment.

“I am pleased to accept the invitation to attend COP21 as part of the Yukon delegation,” Massie said. “COP21 is an opportunity for First Nation representatives to network, share our firsthand experiences and tell our stories on the changes we have witnessed across our region due to human caused climate change. Climate change has affected plants, animals and traditional lifestyles in the North; it is imperative that our voices are present in the decision-making process at COP21.”

More than 50,000 international delegates will attend the conference tasked with building partnerships between business, government and public bodies to accelerate international and sustainable development and advance the green economy. This is the ninth COP meeting attended by a Yukon delegation.

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Dan Macdonald
Cabinet Communications

Sarah Crane
Communications, Executive Council Office

Stephanie Brown
Communications, Council of Yukon First Nations
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