Premier and ministers head to Ottawa with First Nations delegation

By February 3, 2017News Release

February 3, 2016

Premier and ministers head to Ottawa with First Nations delegation

Building on commitments to establish strong relationships with First Nations, the Government of Yukon is joining with a delegation of First Nations chiefs to attend Yukon Days meetings in Ottawa.

Premier Sandy Silver and Ministers Ranj Pillai, Pauline Frost, John Streicker and Jeanie Dendys will attend on behalf of the Yukon government. Grand Chief Peter Johnston along with Chief Richard Sidney, Chief Steve Smith, Chief Roberta Joseph, Chief Doris Bill, Chief Kristina Kane, Chief  Bruce Charlie and Chief Robert Dickson will attend on behalf of Yukon First Nations.


“Yukon Days are an opportunity to highlight the shared priorities of Yukon and First Nations governments to the federal government. It is powerful to have First Nation governments and the Yukon government advocating for Yukon issues with one voice. We believe that a united approach is the most effective means of achieving federal programs, services and funding that meet Yukon’s needs.”

–Yukon Premier Sandy Silver

“Yukon First Nation Chiefs are encouraged to be attending Yukon Days and to be able to participate in joint federal minister meetings with the Yukon government. This united approach was identified as one of the four priorities at the recent Yukon Forum.”

–Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston

Quick facts

Yukon Days (February 6 to 8) is an annual event in Ottawa.
This year it consists of a reception and a series of meetings between the Government of Yukon, Government of Canada and Yukon First Nations.

Lana Selbee
Cabinet Communications

Kendra Black
Communications, Executive Council Office

Stephanie Brown
Communications, Council of Yukon First Nations