Memorandum of understanding on mining signed by self-governing Yukon First Nations and Government of Yukon

January 25, 2017

Memorandum of understanding on mining signed by self-governing Yukon First Nations and Government of Yukon

The Government of Yukon and self-governing Yukon First Nations signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Mineral Exploration Roundup in Vancouver last night, agreeing to work together in a respectful and collaborative manner on processes related to mining in Yukon.

The MOU establishes a government-to-government relationship that enables the Government of Yukon and First Nations chiefs to identify issues and work together to achieve concrete improvements to the management of mineral resources in the Yukon.

Through the MOU, the governments will set shared priorities and a work plan to improve Yukon’s mining regime.


“The Yukon government is building a relationship with First Nations based on respect and committing to achieve real results. By resetting our relationship with this MOU, we will work together to facilitate mining activity that is consistent with the Final and Self-Government Agreements and meets our shared desire for environmental protection, and social and economic prosperity. This partnership is good for investment and sets Yukon apart from other jurisdictions in Canada.”

Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources Ranj Pillai

“Yukon First Nations recognize that the mining industry is an essential component to Yukon’s economy. The mining industry in Yukon is an important part of Yukon economic growth. This MOU will assist in providing certainty for all parties, so we can build economic prosperity for the territory.”

Council of Yukon First Nations Grand Chief Peter Johnston

Quick facts

  • The MOU reflects the commitment and agreement of the Yukon government and First Nations chiefs to address and resolve matters related to mineral prospecting, exploration, mine development, production, reclamation, closure and post-closure management in Yukon.
  • The MOU coordinates the work that has been occurring on several mining initiatives so that all parties are best able to focus their resources to achieve success.


Sunny Patch
Cabinet Communications

Stephanie Brown
Communications, Council of Yukon First Nations

Sue Thomas
Communications, Energy, Mines and Resources